Pookie Blezard has been the creative director of Pazuki for over 30 years, engaged in a continuous evolution of printing and embroidery techniques, colour and fabric experimentation for women’s clothes and accessories. Prints are derived directly from Pookie's original oil paintings, creating completely unique fabrics.

The Magic Kingdom Collection

PAZUKI AW19/20 mixes boho chic and luxe elegance in original prints created from Pookie Blezard’s unique oil paintings. Fabrics are silk satin, silk crepe, devoré, velvet and viscose with embroidery and appliqué detail.

AW19/20 prints are inspired by the designs and colours in Renaissance paintings with a modern twist in sumptuous shades of russet, cerulean, crimson, fuchsia, gold, copper, prussian blue, emerald and chartreuse in rich patterns and overlaid textures.

Main pieces include flowing vintage-style dresses; skirts, pussy bow blouses and long sleeve printed T Shirts; a patchwork capsule collection; cashmere knitwear with silk stretch satin fronts and hand-embroidered appliqué; and luxe velvet tailoring - plain palazzo pants, plain and printed coats.

PAZUKI’s iconic collection of scarves coordinates with all pieces, or can be worn with your everyday classics. In wool/silk and 100% cashmere.


As someone who was brought up wearing hand-me-downs, darned jumpers and socks in a house where nothing useful was thrown away, we lived by my grandfather's motto, "When you have to buy something new, buy the best quality you can, so it lasts.”

If you keep everything, life gets very clogged up and space and flow is essential for creativity, so this isn’t exactly how I live now.

At PAZUKI we are often putting things on free-cycle.  There is always someone who needs cardboard boxes, or bits and bobs that we no longer need.

Here at PAZUKI we fully support Second Hand September.
We believe in cost per wear and saving up for something you love that you can keep for years. Our customers are often spotted in much loved vintage Pazuki pieces that have been in their wardrobe for decades.

PAZUKI is slow fashion. The prints are created from oil paintings, where hours have been spent staring into flowers and mixing colours. The paintings in turn are rich in individual personal style that has been absorbed from a life-time of travelling, as well as loving being at home and living in London. Everything is thoughtfully produced.

Our digital fabric printing machine runs slowly to reproduce all the texture and detail of the original design, and the ink drops are very fine, unlike the high speed printers used by many companies. Printing is our passion and we care about colour and fine detail.

Pazuki ethos


Each of our shirts is hand-cut and takes 5 hours to stitch.

Pazuki Ethos


We keep every scrap of fabric, even teeny weeny bits which we use for patchwork, making one-off scarves which we sell in Japan.

PAZUKI is an Independent Company.  Our ethos is not about making huge profits, it is based on an irrepressible need to to be creative and a desire to produce clothing that makes the wearer feel good and enable them to express their own individuality.

Now, more than ever is the time to support small designer brands.  We are individuals working all hours for the love of it.  You are most welcome to discover our creative process. 

Pookie Blezard - Creative Director

Many celebrities have chosen to wear Pazuki over the years including:

Joni Mitchell, Kim Basinger, Oprah Winfrey, Juliet Binoche, Mick Jagger, Joanna Lumley, Dame Pippa Harris - Chair of BAFTA, Prue Leith - featured in Hello! in April 2019.

Behind the Prints

Magic Kingdom

This was a large painting inspired by the painted walls of the Palazzo Pamphilj in Rome - the soft colours and swirling leaves - the animals were added in.

The original artwork, it was then laid over a soft crumbling texture inspired by the walls of the palace.

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Secret Garden

Painted from life in oils onto a collage of textures and patterns taken from Renaissance paintings in the museum in Perugia, Italy.

The paint drips and layered collage effect add to the effect. 

Creating a Secret Garden. 

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This spiky shrub grows over the wall of a garden near Pazuki H.Q. and inspired an instant painting.
The paint drips and rough edges have been kept and for the scarves and the velvet coat put together with a still-life painting of flowers.

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