Spring/Summer 2015


The Pazuki SS15 collection is a reflection of Pookie’s life over the beginning of 2014, taking inspiration from her day to day experiences. As always her scarves like to tell a story and in this collection she has captured her travels to Florence in La Farmacia and Renaissance - visiting friends and catching up over English Cream Tea (because who doesn’t love a cream tea?) - the annual trip to Chelsea Flower Show, taking not only the flowers as inspiration but the boxed layout and sculptural pieces - and getting back to her art school origins in Art Class.

It has been time to go back to the beginning, taking time out to do drawings at the house of fellow Camberwell graduate, painter Susan Wilson, over a period of 5 weeks. Then further experiments with collage, mono printing, water colour and oil pastel, interpreting views of the garden as it blossomed. As well as this, she has used paint textures from a studio floor, a smudgy overall and a rain spattered palette, elements of each finding their way to some degree into many of the prints, giving them a painterly undertone. Also harking back to Pookie’s college days and the use of screen-printing, many prints have areas of flat colour, giving them a beautiful simplicity against the busy textural imagery and hand drawn sketches.

It has been an exciting diversion from the digital image, giving the prints a free and personal feel.

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