Vintage Pazuki on film in The Danish Girl

Can I remember all the prints I've ever done? Probably not all, but I nearly jumped out of my seat when watching The Danish Girl and saw Alicia Vikander wearing a dress made out of scarves I designed in the 80s called "Library".

Made in the days when I worked with Suzy Thompson and we hand-painted all the artwork with opaque light proof ink onto huge pieces of film and had everything printed in Macclesfield by Belford Prints.

Where they got the fabric from I don't know, we only ever printed small runs for a handful of stores - Paul Smith spotted them at Timney Fowler under the flyover in Portobello, it led to us designing many prints for his collections, I think he liked our quirky style.

Costume Designer Paco Delgado has now been Oscar nominated for his work in 'The Danish Girl'.

This same fabric was also bought by the House of Elliot BBC series and later exhibited at the V&A.

These photos are of the one remaining piece I kept of this print. Screen-printed with discharge dyes in a rainbow technique where you smerge three dye colours at once, to achieve a more colourful effect without making more screens.

With all the recent trend for artsy Bloomsbury style it seems the old Pazuki prints have come into their own again. We used to love screen-printing using discharge dyes which burn out a pre-dyed background to create rich earthy colours, and drawing in an old-fashioned wood-cut style. Now it's all digital, which gives you huge creative freedom without the cost of making screens, but I'm still nostalgic for the discipline of screen-printing, the depth of colour and particular look it has.

Pazuki xx


  • Ben

    How wonderful! What a lovely surprise!
    It’s a beautiful print, so not too beyond belief that it was discovered and used.

  • Caroline Fraser

    The Danish Girl! One of my all time favourite films due to the amazing scenery, sumptuous colours and textures of the clothes worn by Alicia. How incredible that you designed one of her pieces! I loved her look completely. Congratulations.

  • Jenny newhouse

    Gorgeous fabric! Did you work with Timiniy Fowler.? Great company.

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