La Farmacia - (Linen/Silk) Scarf

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All our scarves are extremely soft to the touch. This mix is cool to wear in the summer. Very easy and lightweight. It has a linen look but has been softened by the added silk.

La Farmacia - When travelling in Italy, Pookie stumbled across a wonderful old pharmacy nestled in the back streets of Florence. Visiting Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, which dates back to 1612, was like stepping back in time. Pookie felt she must share this quaint little store and it's numerous vessels of perfumes, herbal elixirs and soaps. The print itself evokes a sense of Florence, it's colours feel drenched in a warm glow and the style is distinctly Mediterranean.

Style Wrap
Colour Green
Fabric (Composition) 50% Linen / 50% Silk
70cm x 200cm

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