Crazy Mosaic - Handmade Patchwork Scarf


Beautiful Patchwork Scarf Handmade in London, England.

Crazy Mosaic - has been made from a selection of Pazuki prints, vintage pre-war French braid, ornate beaded lace and other assorted fabrics, all which have been carefully selected to create this unique patchwork scarf.

Each patchwork piece is individually created.

Style Patchwork Wrap
Colour Multi
Fabric (Composition) 80% Silk / 10% Cotton / 5% PA / 5% Rayon
Size 50cm by 200cm
Scarf might vary slightly from the photographs seen above as each handmade piece is completely unique.
Due to the nature of the design there may be some raw edges visible - we think these start to look better over time - they start to tell a story :).

Don't see your size here or out of stock or out of stock? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Pazuki. We might have others available or be able to advise you on where to look!