Bicycles - (Linen/Silk) Scarf

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All our scarves are extremely soft to the touch. This mix is cool to wear in the summer. Very easy and lightweight. It has a linen look but has been softened by the added silk.

Bicycles - Inspired by a trip that Creative Director Pookie look last spring to Florence, Italy. Scattered across the city were tangles of entwined bicycles, these left a lasting impression of Pookie. Each bicycle had a story to tell, they had all seen such different things and they told their stories in their blemishes and imperfections. The bicycles have been complimented on the print with bright urban fencing, scribbles and sculptures; relating to the different locations that they were discovered.

Aurelie is wearing the Bicycle Linen Silk Scarf with our Sunflower Cardi.

Style Wrap
Colour Multi
Fabric (Composition) 50% Linen / 50% Silk
70cm x 200cm

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