"I've been meaning to send you a photo of my  growing Pazuki collection, as you can see I have a bit of an obsession!!! There are 16 hanging in my wardrobe, oh and I'm wearing one...which makes my collection now 17!
You probably think I'm mad but looking forward to seeing the new summer collection. You can never have enough.
Thanks for making my favourite silk blouse and making my life so easy when I go and get dressed, all I have to think about is what colour jeans to wear!
All the best from your biggest fan!"

Nell Joly 

"I had a very important work meeting this morning and therefore decided to wear the Weave shirt - black and white with blue bits - made me feel trendier smarter and more confident than usual thanks to that."

Tim Fywell

"I may be getting too greedy for Pazuki stuff, but it is that when I am wearing it I feel unassailable somehow, like no-one else quite has this one I am wearing (I know they do but it is the feeling of being individual that runs through your work)"

Susie G