SS17 Fabrics

Info about scarves: We have a close working relationship with our Indian mill, choosing both the very high grade fibres to go into the yarn and the weave structure. We digitally print the scarves with huge care, running the machine very slowly to get high definition and stopping the machine to clean the print heads after every piece is printed. After steaming to fix the dye they are washed in reverse osmosis filtered water and dried in indirect sun, so the fibres aren't damaged by a dryer and the sun kills any bacteria.


Pazuki SS17 Linen Cotton Fabric Swatch - Parrot Blue Linen Cotton (55% Linen / 45% Cotton) - taken from the Parrots Blue L/C Scarf.
Pazuki SS17 Linen Cashmere Fabric Swatch - Antique Lace Linen Cashmere (55% Linen / 45% Cashmere) - taken from the Antique Lace L/CA Scarf.
Pazuki SS17 Cotton Silk Cashmere Fabric Swatch - Cotton Silk Cashmere (60% Cotton / 20% Silk / 20% Cashmere) - taken from the C/S/C Scarf.
Pazuki SS17 Modal Cashmere Fabric Swatch - Parrots Blue Modal Cashmere (90% Modal / 10% Cashmere) - taken from the Parrots Blue M/C Scarf.
Pazuki SS17 Crepe de Chine Fabric Swatch - Clematis Navy Crêpe de Chine (100% Crêpe de Chine Silk) - taken from the Clematis Navy CDC Shirt.
Pazuki SS17 Silk Georgette Fabric Swatch - Splash Georgette (100% Silk Georgette) - taken from the Splash GGT Shirt.
Pazuki SS17 Stretch Cotton Fabric Swatch - Abstract Garden Stretch Cotton (88% Cotton / 12% Elastane) - taken from the Abstract Garden SC Shift Dress.
Pazuki SS17 Rayon Fabric Swatch - Camellia Blue Rayon (100% Rayon) - taken from the Camellia Blue Tunic.
Pazuki SS17 100% Cotton Jersey Fabric Swatch - Jersey (100% Cotton) - taken from the Jersey Top.
Shell Buttons (Real Shell) - taken from Printed Shirt. Shell Buttons (Real Shell) - on all the SS17 buttoned shirts.