About AW18


Pookie Blezard has been the creative director of Pazuki for over 30 years, engaged in a continuous evolution of printing and embroidery techniques, colour and fabric experimentation – producing women’s clothes and accessories, (and sometimes men’s) for anyone who wants something special.
Brought up in Barnes, South West London, by musician parents in a house where nothing had been thrown away for generations. “I was always knitting, sewing, drawing, making patchwork – and roaming free around Barnes Common on my bicycle. In fact nothing much has changed, I’m still doing all of the above!” “Everyone should wear clothes that make them feel good. I was always allowed to wear whatever I liked as a child, (usually a strange combination of hand-me-downs from country cousins).”
“Down with black! It may make you feel thin but it seems so joyless. I know I’m a print designer, but a woman who walks into a room wearing beautiful colours or a great print, immediately attracts and intrigues me. And that is what I love to create.”
Pazuki’s ethos is to enable women to feel confident and express themselves as individuals through pattern and colour, with no rules or regulations.


Autumn Winter 2018 The Pazuki Autumn Winter 2018 collection is based on designer Pookie Blezard’s oil paintings, which are then adapted into prints for silk, viscose and velvet - layers of brush strokes in deep saturated colours, inspired by plants and natural textures.


A close partnership has been developed over many years with the factory that spins, weaves and prints the Pazuki collection, ensuring only the finest fibres and highest quality prints are produced. All fabrics are digitally printed carefully and slowly in high resolution with top quality inks to give sharp images with beautiful colours; prints are washed in reverse osmosis filtered water and sun dried adding a quality finish and making them stand out compared to mass produced prints. These processes together with the individual nature of the print design, colour and the contemporary, yet wearable garments combine to create what Pazuki customers worldwide have come to treasure.