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Pazuki Workshop April 17 2014, 0 Comments

Last Tuesday we were really lucky to have Susie Galbraith hold a brain storming workshop at Pazuki HQ. A mix of people related to the Pazuki brand attended the session, varying from our new work experience girl – Angela (it was only her 2nd day working at Pazuki, talk about being thrown in at the deep end!) - to our SS14/AA14 photographer Stewart Bywater.

The day started with Maisie taking centre stage on the table in front of us all, almost like she was rounding up the troops for the busy morning ahead.

Maisie on the table

After Maisie had got us all fired up we introduced ourselves, saying our names and little about ourselves, showing the group our favourite item of clothing and giving an explanation as to why we loved it so much. We followed this by admitting to a “media secret”, a guilty pleasure that we enjoy on television for example - (we discovered a lot us enjoy some truly awful TV!).

Next we were divided into groups to complete some tasks to help us to recognise Pazuki's customer range by creating our own little make believe people, with make believe lives and back stories – I think we all rather enjoyed creating someone’s life!

All working hard

Meet Marie

Comparing customers

Camillie presenting to the group

We don’t want to give too much of the workshop away for two reasons...

1. If this all sounds extremely exciting then you should contact Susie yourself and organise a workshop for your brand, (it comes with the Pazuki seal of approval!)

2. We don’t want to spoil what’s to come from Pazuki in the near future.

But here is a little insight to how the rest of the day went -

Brain storming

Sarah presenting her group's ideas to the rest of the room

We finished off the day the only way we know how... With a fantastic feast of course! All that thinking was hungry work :). Pookie cooked us all up some homemade vegetable and chicken soup accompanied by farmer's market cheeses and fresh bread… And let's not forget Pookie's famous homemade houmous… it's to die for!

The feast

Pookie's mini photoshoot

Before Stewart headed off he took the opportunity to take a couple of quick (and lovely) shots of Pookie in the sunshine (She's always avoiding the camera during Photoshoots!).

Pazuki xx


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