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Pazuki Workshop April 17 2014, 0 Comments

Last Tuesday we were really lucky to have Susie Galbraith hold a brain storming workshop at Pazuki HQ. A mix of people related to the Pazuki brand attended the session, varying from our new work experience girl – Angela (it was only her 2nd day working at Pazuki, talk about being thrown in at the deep end!) - to our SS14/AA14 photographer Stewart Bywater.

The day started with Maisie taking centre stage on the table in front of us all, almost like she was rounding up the troops for the busy morning ahead.

Maisie on the table

After Maisie had got us all fired up we introduced ourselves, saying our names and little about ourselves, showing the group our favourite item of clothing and giving an explanation as to why we loved it so much. We followed this by admitting to a “media secret”, a guilty pleasure that we enjoy on television for example - (we discovered a lot us enjoy some truly awful TV!).

Next we were divided into groups to complete some tasks to help us to recognise Pazuki's customer range by creating our own little make believe people, with make believe lives and back stories – I think we all rather enjoyed creating someone’s life!

All working hard

Meet Marie

Comparing customers

Camillie presenting to the group

We don’t want to give too much of the workshop away for two reasons...

1. If this all sounds extremely exciting then you should contact Susie yourself and organise a workshop for your brand, (it comes with the Pazuki seal of approval!)

2. We don’t want to spoil what’s to come from Pazuki in the near future.

But here is a little insight to how the rest of the day went -

Brain storming

Sarah presenting her group's ideas to the rest of the room

We finished off the day the only way we know how... With a fantastic feast of course! All that thinking was hungry work :). Pookie cooked us all up some homemade vegetable and chicken soup accompanied by farmer's market cheeses and fresh bread… And let's not forget Pookie's famous homemade houmous… it's to die for!

The feast

Pookie's mini photoshoot

Before Stewart headed off he took the opportunity to take a couple of quick (and lovely) shots of Pookie in the sunshine (She's always avoiding the camera during Photoshoots!).

Pazuki xx


Contact Susie -

Last minute SS14 Photoshoot Fun! March 20 2014, 1 Comment

Well as you all will know we are due to launch our SS14 Collection and our BRAND NEW website very soon! So it’s all go here at Pazuki, making sure everything is perfect - well as close to perfect as physically possible - meaning we had an excuse to have another SS14 photoshoot, and we couldn’t have picked a better weekend for the job! Stewart Bywater, our favourite photographer, arrived at Pazuki bright and early ready to get started, followed closely by one of the Pazuki girls, and face of Pazuki’s SS14 collection, Camille Auclair. We also had Ashleigh, another of the Pazuki girls, and her boyfriend (and resident web designer) Jon stepping in to help with the modelling of the upcoming collection. So as the girls caught up and touched up their makeup, Stewart and Jon munched their way through croissants to fuel up for the long day ahead. Once everyone was ready we got straight down to business as we had a long and exciting day ahead. We started off with some lovely shots of the beautiful dresses inside Pazuki HQ, bathed in the lovely morning sunshine.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

 image (6)

Feeling that we couldn't afford to miss out on the wonderful weather, working or not, we moved the shoot outside for the remaining dresses, coats and tunics... We were a little disappointed in the temperature though, the sunshine had raised our expectations a little too high!

Shots in the sun!

Shots in the sun!

We also got some nice shots of Jon donning a few of our unisex scarves whilst we were on Barnes Common. Despite how much he said he didn't want to model we think the pictures turned out great!

Our Linen/Cotton Camouflage Wrap

Our Linen/Cotton Camouflage Wrap

After minor concern over the safety of poor little Maisie, who had decided to follow us before she got scared and hid under some shrubbery, we headed back for the remaining shots and some well earned lunch.

Maisie joining in on the photoshoot fun

Maisie joining in on the photoshoot fun

Roughly 1000 images, 30 outfit changes, 1 malfunctioning flash-lamp, which Mr. Bywater managed to overcome without issue :), and 1 stolen nap (Jon!) later and we have been left with some really amazing shots for the new website and we couldn't be happier :).

Munching on apples after a long successful day

Munching on apples after a long successful day


Pazuki xx

AW14 Pazuki Photoshoot February 05 2014, 0 Comments

How was our weekend here at Pazuki? Well we had the small matter of our first photoshoot for A/W 2014!
On Saturday the day started out like many others here at Pazuki HQ, chocolate chip brioche and innumerable cups of tea whilst looking through our new collection. The difference this weekend was that our perusing had a pressing purpose: we were choosing outfits and accessory combinations for our lovely photographer, Stewart Bywater, to shoot.
With Stewart filling us in on his traumatic morning and our main model nowhere to be seen, (for genuinely unforeseen circumstances it must be said), we were on for a typically exciting day of shooting!

Fortunately for us we had organised some shots of the beautiful Coleman Douglas Pearls, which provided the main inspiration for our new pearly prints. Chrissie, of Coleman Douglas Pearls, arrived with her daughter Natalia and a huge selection of her exquisite pearls – ranging from understated single pearl earrings to extravagant pearl and leather necklaces.


We then had the pleasure of teaming our prints with their inspiration. The combinations were to be worn, fittingly, by Natalia.

Camille (Our MUA, stylist and SS14 model) with Natalia (Model)

Camille (Our MUA, stylist and SS14 model) with Natalia (Model)

Our first shots were all taken at the Pazuki HQ...

Natalia in AW14 Flint and Pearl Blouse.


Natalia in AW14 Flint and Pearl Blouse

Attention to detail!

Attention to detail!

Pookie and Stewart assessing photos.

Pookie and Stewart assessing photos

We spent much of the morning wearing all (yes ALL) of the pearls around, just to ensure that none were misplaced of course! Once our main model, Laura, had arrived and was ready to go, we moved the shoot out on location, to the stunning house which inspired another of our new prints - Mantelpiece.

Ashleigh making last minute scarf adjustments.

Ashleigh making last minute scarf adjustments




Pookie and Ashleigh (wearing the new Mantelpiece scarf) both deep in thought.

Pookie and Ashleigh (wearing the new Mantelpiece scarf) both deep in thought

Pookie wearing all the pearls!

Pookie wearing all the pearls!

We shot late into the afternoon, with Stewart and the models showing superb enthusiasm and dedication, working through lunch to ensure that we got the all important images we needed. Stewart was even kind enough to finish off the day, catching every last bit of day light, by snapping some extra S/S 14 pictures with, the face of Pazuki S/S, Camille.


And then by taking a few menswear shots outside, taking advantage of every drop of light, on Barnes Common. All in all it was a fantastic day!

Pazuki xx