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India January 29 2015, 2 Comments

Some snaps from Pookie's recent trip to India -

The neighbourhood - India

This is what Indian ladies get up to when their husbands go out to work -drinking tea in bed

Pragya (Right) shows me her embossed golf leaf painting which took her 3 months to complete - I was very impressed by the large screen they had, see behind, for watching films

Nidhi and Pragya trying on some of our Pazuki samples

Piping hot chilla (Indian Street Food) - Delicious

Queuing up for the tasty treats

Washed down the battery snack with a dark red fruit juice

The streets at night

Under the flyover

Delhi fabric shop - opened up on Sunday just for us - I'm glad I didn't have to tidy up afterwards

Round the back of Nehru Place- rust coloured washing

Delhi street food

Sikh Festival (Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti)

Sikh Festival (Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti)

Sikh Festival (Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti)

A lot of fog and neon sign

Dosa - fermented crepe made from rice batter - another tasty Indian treat

In the factory - looms

Inspecting SS15 production (soon to be available online)

Spinning red yarn - seemed to be spinning a new colour everyday

Beautiful cashmere yarn ready to be spun

Cashmere being spun - ready to be woven into fabrics

Sneak peek - AW15 'Home Sweet Home' being printed

Party at the local hospital - young doctors dancing Bhaṅgṛā 

 Puris (deep fried Indian bread) for breakfast

Outdoor barber's shop - cut and go 

Flying kites from roof tops - to celebrate the holiday Lohri 

Boy off to fly his kite

Kite flying

Street scene

I saw a hundred ways to wear scarves for men and women

Busy bustling traffic

After an all night bumpy bus ride... a very rare treat - First Class British Airways flight back to London #spoiltrotten - feels like England as soon as you get on the plane, lovely BA staff, yummy food, tea in a teapot, and a fascinating documentary on Vivian Maier

What a busy start to 2015
Pookie xx