Weekend away to Helsinki...

Weekend break to Helsinki, Finland.

Welcome to Helsinki 

Helsinki Station - Bright blue skies

First meal - Smoked salmon on rye at a very Finnish Bakery ‘Karl Fazer Cafe’

Central Helsinki

Torni Tower - Looking out at the view through glasses and bottles.

View from the top - casting a shadow over the surrounding buildings

Colourful 19th century Cathedral 

‘Trendy' Area of Helsinki a hipster haven - Kallio 

‘Trendy' Area of Helsinki a hipster haven - Kallio 

‘Trendy' Area of Helsinki a hipster haven - Kallio 

‘Goths’ in the park

Impromptu burger sales - outside bike shop 

Impromptu cafe - these were everywhere!

Shot of Artex a famous design shop in the heart of Helsinki 

Interesting Helsinki Architecture

Interesting Helsinki Architecture

Gates galore!

Ceramic plate in the Design Museum

Glass - Exhibition at the Design Museum

Glass - One of the things Finland does

Collections of Bicycles by the Kiasma Contemporary Arts Museum 

Blue House in the  Puu Käpylä area

More brightly coloured houses in the Puu Käpylä area

Puu Käpylä area

Primordial forest 20 minutes out of Helsinki 

Tangled tree roots in the primordial forest


GIANT snail

My companions… on the boardwalk

Marimekko was everywhere, the plane, the hotel and these country cottage curtains 

Famous Poet Eino Leino 

Coffee Shop / Flower Shop run by Japanese people - making the coffee with such precision 

Coffee girl was even sporting a Marimekko dress 

Pazuki xx


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