New York, New York...

Natalie's Apartment - 

Yummy, the sweetest, cuddliest little rescue poodle, casualty of cruel in-breeding, his legs don't work very well.

Tassels on a cushion

Sparkly Pears

It looks cold outside.


I love how The New Yorker still has illustrations on the cover

Natalie about to brave sub-zero temperatures in Paul Poiret-ish style, wearing a vintage coat of her mother's

Natalie shows me a Marks and Spencer velvet jacket she customised with splashes of bleach and silver snakeskin patches - looks fabulous.

Natalie digs out a vintage Pazuki wrap I'd forgotten ever making, back in the days when I made things without considering who would buy them, or how much it would cost to produce.

Out and about - 

Marbles in Chelsea Market

Stack of old books in Anthropologie

Brownstone in Chelsea

ABC store on Broadway

Thawing out in ABC's restaurant.

Hudson River frozen over

DJ at the D&A show

I liked these paper flowers on someone's stand at Tranoi; the whole show was very black and monochrome.


Metropolitan Museum

Walking across Central Park

Taxi to the airport

Pookie xx 


  • Barbara Wiggins

    Great way to travel with you in retrospect without all the risk factor!!
    Makes me want to get on a plane again…though..New York has still got the buzz and great to see ABC store as I have sold there for years without seeing it. Very inspiring trip for you by all accounts. Brings back lots of memories!

  • Oscar

    beautiful pictures Pookie. You have such a great eye!

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