Japan in pictures ...

The colours of everyday things are so different in Japan, like corrugated iron is often pink, pale green apartment blocks, lots of pastels -

I loved all the plants, so many people growing trees in pots, these are outside HP France Deco and Bazaar et Garde-Manger, both HP lifestyle stores

HP Deco

B et G

Electricity in Japan is always a complicated, dangerous looking tangle -

The Prada store is like a big cut glass vase -

Yoshi Yamamoto -

Yumiko's store, Fog Linen -

Yumiko took us to her neighbourhood restaurant -

The Nezu museum at the end of the shopping street Omotesando has the most beautiful garden, so peaceful, and right in the centre of Tokyo -

We saw a few Harajuku girls in extreme Victorian style dresses, this one was struggling to walk in her shoes -

Reflections -

Thanks to our lovely friend Naoko for letting us borrow her flat while she was in Venice -

Saturday shopping in Shinjuku -

Fujisan kindly appeared in the mist, on the way to Osaka on the Nozomi Shinkansen, the super fast train -

Looking down from Hankyu dept store -

Our delicious lunch before the trunk show - 

We stayed in Kyoto in a beautiful little ryokan (traditional inn) with just 3 rooms. I have dreamed of their breakfast ever since I stayed there 15 years ago -

Here is our breakfast

Our lovely room facing the river, it was like a puzzle box, I always seemed to be sliding open the wrong bit -

The back view of Pontocho, people standing on the bridge watching the once a year festival Jidai Matsuri -

Yukimi shows us photos of her aunt as a Maiko -

Room with a view -

We go out to Kurama mountain for the day, visiting all the shrines as we go up and drinking lots of mountain water -

An interesting bug -

Amazing roots of giant cedar trees -

A sort of macrame tree adornment -

Fungi -

Along the mountain railway -

In the village they are making beautiful wooden torches and bonfires to burn at the fire festival the next day -

Beautiful rustic buckets -

Pickled veg in the covered food market in Kyoto -

Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Parade -

I love these little ponds outside someone's house -

Kawai Kanjiro's house which is now a museum, he was a very famous ceramic artist -

A young maiko in Pontocho -

Shinkansen train -

Back in Tokyo having a farewell dinner with Naoko -


Pookie xx

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