Tea and biscuits with Emma Cassi

I bumped into the lovely jeweller Emma Cassi at the farmers market the other weekend and was invited round for a catch up over tea and biscuits.  I gratefully accepted her offer. After following Emma on Instagram for a few months now I had seen little clips of her house, all of which looked perfectly styled and so I assumed each scene was prepared, posed and carefully edited...But I was very wrong.

Emma Cassi Instagram

Her home is just that perfect! Each room thoughtfully considered, not one detail missed, even down to the children's vintage wooden toys.  Emma showed me around her studio and I got a sneaky peak at her upcoming collection - all carefully presented on beautiful papers displayed in little drawers.

Emma Cassi Green

After the tour we sat down and chatted over cups of tea and homemade biscuits. 

Emma Cassi Tea

It was a delightful way to spend the morning and I am very much looking forward to our next catch up.

Pazuki xx


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