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Yesturday the Pazuki clan headed out to the fashion and home trade event, Top Drawer, Home & Craft, at Earl's Court. With the blue skies and sun shining, we were all excited at the prospect of an inspirational day ahead as we crossed Hammersmith Bridge.

Hammersmith Bridge View

We arrived at the show and entered through a rather lavish walk way filled with people carrying their reams of brochures and leaflets. Once registered and having been given our name badges, we headed straight for the Craft section, hoping to see something exciting and unique. The section did not disappoint; it was filled with beautifully thought out stands, each with their own personal twist. We particularly liked the simple purity of Luna Light with her porcelain tea light holders, (, Kerry Hastings and her sculptural ceramic vessels, ( and a selection of work from Handmade Japan, most notably the wooden soled sandals - Geta Sandals by Chiezo, ( and the Elegant Kimono by Tokyo Yamaki (

Geta Sandals by Chiezo

After the success of the craft section we were extremely excited for what the Home section had to offer, sadly we weren't excited about anything much and thought there were far too many 1950s inspired prints. We did, however, enjoy the lighting and home ceramics on show from Latitude22N, (, the beautifully coloured weaves of Wallace and Sewell, ( and the traditional Barcelona woven stripes by El meu coixi, ( shown below.

El Meu Coixi

Doesn't his cat look rather familiar?

The final destination and major reason for attending was Top Drawer, its aim is to inspire and showcase the cutting edge products and designs for 2014. Unfortunately we were left largely uninspired. We ploughed through a sea of samey designs and products that failed to spark our joint imaginations, with very little standing out as something new. We did like a display of hanging printed paper decorations, which seemed to be made out of old book pages, by NKUKU ( - shown below - but not much else.


Feeling slightly deflated after our early optimism, we headed back to the studio for a bite to eat and a well deserved sit down. But not before catching up with a few people, including a former member of Pazuki from long ago, Zoe Phayre-Mudge of ZPM, the fun printed bag company (!

Top dawer

Overall we found this visit a good exercise on how/ how not to, display your work. Less is definitely more when merchandising your stand, be selective with stock - does it sit well together or does it just look a bit of a jumble sale?  

Pazuki xx



  • Anna Perring - Luna Lighting

    Thanks for the lovely mention Pookie!
    The show was a great success for me and I really appreciated being part of the new Craft section.
    Best wishes for a busy January

  • Pookie

    Hi Margaret, glad you are reading our blog! I’m not sure what Kansuya is. I must look at their website too. Kimonos are such beautiful garments and the prints so sophisticated, and the way they mix patterns and scale

  • Margaret Read

    Thank you for all this incredibly useful stuff. I sometimes feel very out of it in Dorset so this is great. What is Tansuya? Kimono fabric. I love the website but its all Greek to me! Love Marg xx

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